Friday, March 2, 2012

Items For Sale ( Updated 17 April)

Brief Introduction

All prices belove can be negotiated. Currently, I only accept Banking method. Any questions, please sms 016-952-5201 or pm Renox. I using maybank, account number 1080-5742-0683 with account holder name, Gan Jin Keong. For Cimb user, please ask me for the account number.

Diablos Section
+0 Diablos armor[1] = 500m / 3 Diablos Armor = RM10
Diablos Armor
An Armor which is made of unknown metal in human-world. Misterious power is hided in the armor. STR + 2, DEX + 1, Maximum HP + 150, Add a 5% resistance against Stun, Stone. [+ Diablos Ring] ATK + 3%, MATK + 3%

+0 Dark Bacilium[1] = 300m / 5 Dark Bashilrium = RM10
Dark Bacilium
A helmet worn by exceptionally strong people of Morroc. Only one who can surmount the fear of facing Satan Morroc can acquire this helm. Add a 20% resistance against Stone, Freeze, Stun. Each refine increases resistance by 2%. However, the resistance increases only up to + 10 refine.